The 650th-Semicentennial Memorial Observance for Mimyo Daishi, Myoshin-ji's Second Abbot

Greetings from the Director of the Semicentennial
Organizing Committee

It is often said that the longevity of any organization, whether religious or secular, depends not only on the abilities of the founding figure but also on the strength of the second-generation leader. The second abbot of Myoshin-ji, Mimyo Daishi (the posthumous title of the monk Juo Sohitsu), was the sole Dharma successor of Kanzan Egen Zenji, having attained awakening under Kanzan with the koan “Hon’nu Enjo” (“Our original nature is perfect”). Mimyo Daishi received recognition as a Dharma successor directly from Kanzan by the side of the Wind and Water Well on Myoshin-ji’s grounds, and was entrusted with the master’s Final Admonitions.
Myoshin-ji suffered many setbacks in its early years, including total destruction during the onin War (1467–1477), but the foundations for the continuing survival of its teachings were firmly laid when Mimyo Daishi succeeded Kanzan Egen as abbot.
In the spring of 2027 the precious legacy of Mimyo Daishi will be honored during the 650th-Year Memorial Observance of his passing. We cordially invite everyone associated with Myoshin-ji to visit the temple on this occasion and pay their respects to the great master.