The 650th-Semicentennial Memorial Observance for Mimyo Daishi, Myoshin-ji's Second Abbot

Greetings from the Chairman of the Semicentennial
Organizing Committee

It is with deep joy and gratitude that I announce the upcoming 650th-Year Semicentennial Memorial Observance of the passing of Mimyo Daishi (1296–1380), Myoshin-ji’s second abbot and the esteemed Dharma successor of our Founder, Kanzan Egen Zenji (1277–1360).
It is my heartfelt hope that Myoshin-ji temples throughout the land and everyone associated with them will come together in a spirit of grateful remembrance for the enduring legacy of Mimyo Daishi, so that we all may work together toward the successful conclusion of this momentous celebration.
Fifty years ago, on the occasion of the 600th-Year Semicentennial Memorial Observance of the passing of Mimyo Daishi, I was an inexperienced novice monk participating in the special commemorative sesshin that was one of the Semicentennial events. I remember, with a mixture of nostalgia and embarrassment, how at the time I had no sense of appreciation or gratitude toward Mimyo Daishi, but was solely occupied with the zazen, takuhatsu (mendicancy), and work duties associated with the sesshin.
Now, a half-century later, I have become deeply aware of all that Mimyo has bequeathed us, and cannot but feel a sense of deep gratitude for his precious legacy. I pray that, together with you, I may contribute to the success of the coming Memorial Observance, so that it might become an expression of Myoshin-ji’s teaching of “the joy of living in the here and now.”