The 650th-Semicentennial Memorial Observance for Mimyo Daishi, Myoshin-ji's Second Abbot

About Mimyo Daishi

Juo Sohitsu (best known by his posthumous title Mimyo Daishi) was the sole Dharma successor of Myoshin-ji’s founder Kanzan Egen Zenji (posthumous title, Muso Daishi). As the second abbot of Myoshin-ji, Juo Sohitsu maintained the Dharma lamp of Kanzan Egen’s lineage.
In 1659 Juo Sohitsu received the posthumous title Jinko Jakusho Zenji (Zen Master Tranquil Illumination of Sacred Light) from Emperor Gosai; in 1879 he received the title Enkan Kokushi (National Teacher Perfect Mirror) from Emperor Meiji; and in 1927 he received the title Mimyo Daishi (Great Master Subtle Mystery) from Emperor Showa. In Myoshin-ji today he is known as the Koso (Fostering Ancestor) for his contributions to the growth and prosperity of the temple during its foundation period.
Research on the life of Zen Master Juo Sohitsu has been conducted from early on, focusing on historical documents suggesting that prior to his ordination he may have been the court noble known as Mado-no-Koji Fujifusa (1296–?), a vassal of the Southern Court and a close associate of Emperor Go-Daigo. However, his life remains shrouded in mystery.