Zen ―禅―

Myōshin-ji’s Public Zazenkai


Latest information of our event will be announced here.

Time: Saturday 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. (On certain Saturday in January, March, August, September and December the zazenkai is canceled owing to other temple events. Please check with us in advance.)

Myōshinji-ha Kenshū Center (located next to the Hanazono Zenjuku, behind the Hanazono Kaikan.

Property: Clothes suitable for zazen (loose clothing or training wear that does not bind the legs or other parts of the body and is subdued in color; a dressing room is available for women).
Fee: First time: 2,000 yen; second time and after: 1,000 yen. (Please bring the exact amount for the fee, so that no change is necessary.)
Inquiries: Please contact the Myōshin-ji Shūmu Honjō Kyōka Center: Tel. 8175-463-3121

■Notes:Please have dinner by 5:00PM(※dinner is not included). Reservations are not needed. There is no shower room. We instruct you only in Japanese. We don’t support foreign languages. So we recommend that you come together with Japanese interpreter.

Myōshin-ji Zendō-kai

Every month Myōshin-ji holds early morning Zen gatherings open to the public.

Time: The 7th, 8th days of every month, 6:00–7:30 AM (90 minutes)
Place: Myōshin-ji Ōhōjō
Fee: 500 yen (covers all 2 days)
Schedule: 6:00–6:30 AM Zazen
6:30-7:30 Teishō (lecture delivered by Zen master Noritake Shūnan)
Inquiries: Please contact the Myōshin-ji Temple Office: Tel. 8175-461-5226