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The Hanazono Kaikan, Myōshin-ji’s official shukubo (temple lodging), is a modern Japanese-style hotel managed and operated by Myōshin-ji. The six-storey building stands in quiet surroundings on the east side of Myōshin-ji and is conveniently located for visits not only to Myōshin-ji itself but also Ryōan-ji, the Golden Pavilion, Daitoku-ji, Tenryū-ji, and other popular sightseeing destinations in western and northern Kyoto. Facilities include a large restaurant offering Japanese dishes, a shop selling various Buddhist goods and Kyoto souvenir items, and Japanese-style public baths. For more information see and

■Room rates (tax included) The accommodation tax(¥200) will be added to the bills of those using guest rooms, based on per person per night.

Type of room 1p. 2p. 3p. 4p.
Single room -Non-Smoking ¥8,250~      
Twin room -Non-Smoking ¥10,450~ ¥8,250~
 per person
Twin room -Non-Smoking
(universal design)
¥10,450~ ¥8,250~
 per person
Japanese style room -Non-Smoking ¥10,450~ ¥8,250~
 per person
 per person
 per person

*Check in time 15:00 *Check out time 10:00
Room rates may be subject to change depending on specific days or occasions. Please confirm when you make a reservation.


Japanese-style breakfast: ¥1,100~ ・Zen-style rice gruel breakfast: ¥1,650~ ・Dinner: from ¥3,300~
*Please notify the reception desk the evening before if you would like to have breakfast.
*Room service is not available


-Send Email to ……

-Make a call to …… 81-75-461-5500 ( from out side Japan )

-Send Fax to …… 81-75-461-6825 ( from out side Japan )

Hanazono Kaikan
1-5 Kitamachi Kitsuji Hanazono
Ukyo-ku kyoto JAPAN 616-8034
TEL : 8175-461-5500
FAX : 8175-461-6825