How do you make use of your life?

What’s Zazen

Zazen has recently been in the limelight in the world. Sitting in meditation itself is the most stable condition of the body. Through Zazen, we keep the spiritual quietness and attain a state of pure and immaculate mind. Zazen is effective to concentrate one’s mind. Indeed, many of motives which applicants of Zazen have are as follows, to cure one’s diseases, to train one’s spirit, and so on. However, these wishes are superficially, there is a funda...

How to Zazen

Regulating the Body

First, fold cushion in two, and sit on it . Your knees go onto the cushion with your legs crossed, the right foot goes on the left thigh.

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We the Myoshinji Sect of the Rinzaishu is trying hard aiming at realization of the society which will not be dependent on nuclear power generation in the future for some children.